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Colossus Bets Join Colossus Bets and get £100 in free bets. Colossus Bets will match the total value of your stakes for the first 72 hours from the minute you place your first pools wager up to a maximum £100.

Complete the short registration form and make your first deposit using any of the convenient banking options.

As soon as you have placed your first pools wager, Colossus Bets will match every wager you place for the next 72 hours with a free bet up to a maximum £100.

The free bet will be credited to your account within 3 days of your last qualifying wager.

Colossus Bets Review

Colossus Bets is a bookmaker that operates unlike most other bookmakers that exist on the current market today. As opposed to offering betting markets and propositions for each individual match and game, they offer pool betting on all the high profile European football matches. How exactly the site works will be explained a bit later, but the concept employed by Colossus Bets is truly ground breaking and innovative.

The company is based in London and regulated by the UK Gambling Commission. These two facts alone are enough for the site to have attained a high level of trust from players around the world. As time progresses, the additional features Colossus Bets are adding to their site are bound to attract a wider audience of punters who would like a chance to earn money in what many would consider to be an unorthodox fashion. Colossus Bets

Advantages of Using Colossus Bets

One of the biggest advantages of making use of Colossus Bets and their pool-style bets is the fact that you stand the chance of winning an absolutely massive amount of money without risking too much of your own hard earned. Of course, as you could have probably guessed, the fact that you can win an absolutely absurd amount of money means that the odds you have of winning are not nearly as good as the site wants you to believe.

The second advantage really only applies to those who are massive football fans. Because all the bets on Colossus Bets involve predicting a number of football results, you really have the opportunity to turn your football knowledge into massive profits. Of course, the prospect of correctly guessing the scores of 7 matches is quite a daunting one.

Colossus Bets Explained

There is no sense in talking about the odds or sports betting markets offered on the Colossus Bets site because there is only football betting, and the odds are never consistent.

Pool betting on Colossus Bets sees you compete against other bettors who are attempting to correctly guess the score or outcome of a particular set of matches. A Jackpot Pool sees you walk away a victor if you correctly predict the scores of a pre-selected set of football matches. The massive prize pool will be divided up equally between you and other winners.

Bonus Pools are bets able to be made by those who are in the Jackpot Pool. During certain events, those who are placed into the Jackpot Pool will be given the opportunity to correctly predict the correct score of one additional match. If you guess this outcome correctly you will win a share of the jackpot pool.

Pool betting at Colossus Bets offers both winner bets and correct score bets. Currently, the matches being bet upon involve the English Premier League, Spanish La Liga, and German Bundesliga. The exact amounts of the prize pools will vary anywhere from £2,000 to the worlds biggest betting prize fund, "The Colossus" with a guaranteed jackpot total of £10,000,000 with stakes starting at just 20p and £2 per line respectively.

Site Features

To be fair, the simplicity of the way in which Colossus Bets handles wagers leaves little room for innovative features or anything of that nature. The straightforward nature of pool-betting makes the site very easy to use and offers plenty of explanation on how certain pools function.

Live Betting

Live betting does not exist as an option on Colossus Bets. All of your predictions and wagers are required to be placed prior to the scheduled kick off times of the matches involved in a given pool. With some time, it is expected that Colossus Bets may introduce even more innovative ways by which you can participate in live, in-game pool betting.

Mobile Betting

Because the pool betting on Colossus Bets is easy to take part in, there exists the ability to make pool bets via your mobile device. As opposed to having a downloadable application or anything of that nature, you can access Colossus Bets via their web-based mobile-facing application.

The Verdict

At the end of the day, Colossus Bets is a great bookmaker if you are at all interested in pool-style betting with low stakes and huge jackpot prizes. They offer a truly innovative way of placing wagers and afford you the opportunity to turn a small amount of money into £10,000,000.

Though other sites offer pool-betting, none offer it on the same scale as Colossus Bets. It is recommended that you go to the site and check out what Colossus Bets has to offer for yourself, you might just end up being pleasantly surprised with what you encounter. Their Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) section serves well to alleviate any concerns you might have. Pool-betting is an interesting way to bet on football, but it is also an incredibly simple way to walk away with a potentially life changing amount of money.