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Betfair Games Bonus Join Betfair Exchange Games using our exclusive bonus code EXE006 and get yourself a £5 Risk FREE Bonus.

Betfair the world's leading online Betting Exchange brings you a welcome bonus you can't refuse. Register a new Betfair Games account and place a £5 or more back bet at odds of 2.0 or higher on any of the exciting games, if your first wager loses Betfair will refund your stake up to £5.

Prior to requesting a withdrawal the initial bonus amount needs to be wagered at least once on the innovative selection of Exchange Games, with titles such as Texas Hold'em, Bullseye Roulette, Baccarat and Card Derby Racing running around the clock, the fun never stops!

Players now have access to the hugely successful Texas Hold'em on the move, download the handy little mobile app, compatible with Android, iPhone, iPad and the majority of Smartphones to play Betfair's unique version of the popular casino game Texas Hold'em on your mobile.

Betfair Exchange Games Review

The Betfair Group is the world's first and largest online betting exchange, which was founded and is currently headquartered in West London, United Kingdom, but operates under a Gibraltar-issued license. Like all the other UK-based gambling industry giants, Betfair started by offering sports betting opportunities and gradually branched out into casino games, poker and bingo. Betfair Exchange Games is a 100% unique concept that offers you the chance to wager on the outcomes of computer-generated casino games instead of actually playing them, which makes for a one of a kind real money online gaming experience, particularly if you are a calculating gambler.

Betfair Exchange Games is an exhilarating new innovative twist on the standard online casino games. Betfair bring the exciting world of peer to peer wagering to the online games scene, with the ability to back or lay the outcome of the next card on a range of games, the odds swing quickly allowing punters to lay off their original wager and lock in a guaranteed profit. Betfair Exchange Games
The people behind Betfair's success are Andrew Black and Edward Wray, who founded the company during early 2000 and received the Ernst and Young Emerging Entrepreneur award later that year. In 2003, the company was also awarded one of the Queen's Awards for Enterprise in the Innovation category, which shouldn't be all that surprising given how popular the idea of a sports betting exchange proved to be. In late 2005, Betfair started a long-lasting process of expanding the company's operations by securing an online gambling license in countries like Malta and Australia and by launching additional online gambling products.

The launch of Betfair Exchange Games was a significant part of this expansion. Since its launch in 2005, the Betfair Exchange Games product suite attracted over 160,000 unique customers, with over 10,000 players trading more than £200 million every month. The traffic continued to grow reaching about 5,000 games being played on a daily basis and as a result, Betfair Exchange Games became the undisputed leader in the EX gaming industry. So far, no other online gambling company has managed to replicate its success.

Betfair Exchange Games Concept

Betfair was the company that introduced the concept of Exchange Games - or EX games - to the online gaming industry. The idea is very simple - Exchange Games provide the player with the ability to wager on the outcome of a computer generated event, such as a game of Texas Hold'em Poker. The entire experience is very similar to standing behind a table in a Las Vegas casino and making side bets with other people in a similar position. However, with Betfair Exchange Games you always know the cards, which gives you the knowledge to assess the situation. All in all, betting on Exchange Games is quite different from playing the card game yourself.

However, it requires you to have some knowledge of the rules, odds and proper strategies, as calculating the most likely outcomes will give you a significant edge over other players. It is worth pointing out that in Exchange Games and other forms of exchange betting you aren't playing against the house - you are playing against the other players, who have to match your bets. The minimum stake depends on the currency you use and is usually close to £2. Furthermore, keep in mind that Betfair will charge a commission on your net winnings, which differs from game to game and usually ranges from 2% to 4.5%.

Betfair Games Selection

The number of available Exchange Games is somewhat limited, even though Betfair keeps working on expanding the selection and adds more titles from time to time. The specific titles include Blackjack, Hi-Lo, Bullseye Roulette, Texas Hold'em, Baccarat, Card Derby Racing and Omaha Hi. Every game with the exception of Omaha Hi can be played in both Standard and Turbo modes, which allows you to adjust the pacing to your personal preferences and mood. The rules of each game are pretty much the same as in the case of its casino counterpart, however please note that some rules may slightly differ from the casino standard, depending on the specific game that you choose.

For example, Exchange Blackjack doesn't involve splitting or doubling in order to avoid creating situations that would be overly ambiguous from a decision-making standpoint. Furthermore, many games offer additional betting selections, but you definitely shouldn't worry about those changes affecting the overall experience in any negative way - if anything, they make placing your wagers more exciting. Quite obviously, in each of those games the player would have plenty of freedom when it comes to choosing his course of action, which obviously involves moves with negative expected value.

However, Betfair Exchange Games is all about calculating odds and making the most cost-effective calls, not about testing your capacity to deal with sub-optimal play. Consequently, each AI player ( Artificial Intelligence Player ) follows proper strategy for the game in question, which means that your predictions and wagers can be 100% rational and based on the proper mathematical models for each game.

Betfair Exchange Mobile App

Aside from desktop-based games, Betfair Exchange Games offers a high-quality Exchange Hold'em app, which is available for Android devices as well as Apple's iPhones and iPads. The site doesn't charge anything extra for playing Exchange Hold'em on your smartphone, so the only cost that you'll have to deal with is the standard 2.5% poker commission. Aside from placing bets and browsing your matched and unmatched bets, the app allows you to view your bet history, which means that you'll be able to analyse your games while on the go.

The app is well designed and very easy to use, so once you learn the standard Exchange Hold'em, you shouldn't have any problems with adjusting to the Smartphone and Tablet counterpart. Regrettably, Betfair does not offer any additional mobile Exchange Games - if you would like to bet on Baccarat, Blackjack or Bullseye Roulette, you will have to stick with the desktop version.

Betfair Exchange Games Strategy

One of the popular Exchange Games is Texas Hold'em, completely addictive and if you play your cards right you can quickly turn a few quid into a small fortune. Quite often we have turned a mere £100 investment into nearly £5000 within a few of hours. The strategy we employ is to start off small and gradually build up the stakes and always cover the outside hands when we are sat on a winner after the turn card. Quite often loading up the 2 long shots at odds of around 19.8 or greater, so the favourite which was the potential money maker is now the saver hand. For example, we will just receive our money back if our original fancy wins, but collect big if the river card turns up a shock.

We just can't help ourselves if there is an under pair as hole cards, we always back that hand at the turn card if there are only one or two cards in the deck that can actually see the hand win, the amount of times this strategy has paid off is unreal and the odds are extremely generous.
The Verdict
Betfair Exchange Games is very hard to compare against other gambling sites, because it simply doesn't have a direct counterpart. Betfair EX-gaming is completely unique and offers amazing betting opportunities. The games lack any kind of house edge - the operator profits from commissions, so your success depends on your analytical skills and casino game knowledge instead of blind luck. Consequently, if you are making good decisions and you are winning consistently, you can expect to turn a long-term profit. If you are looking for something new, refreshing, and potentially very lucrative, Betfair Exchange Games is definitely worth giving a try.
Deposit and Withdrawal Methods
Betfair offer an excellent range of deposit and withdrawal options, making funding your account with your favourite banking method a straight forward process. Players may choose from Bank Wire, Cheque, Clickandbuy, Delta, Laser, Maestro, Mastercard, Moneybookers, Neteller, Paypal, Solo, Switch, Visa, Visa Electron, WebMoney and Western Union.

Operating a one wallet banking solution, no matter what product you have your funds currently held in, you can transfer them to a different section of the site with ease. If you fancy a wager on your favourite football team, no problem, go to your account section and hit the transfer button. The requested transfer amount will be available immediately within the sports section, no fees involved, ready for wagering.